A United Africa for sustainable development for all Africans Descent.


Three young African Students founded the United Pan-Africanist Movement (UPAM):

1. Blessed Mukonka, University of Lusaka-Zambia
2. Emmanuel Kpan, University of Monrovia-Liberia
3. Lord Malvin Harare- Zimbabwe

These young men met on Facebook right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when Africa went on shut down leaving 90% of the African population in hunger, students stranded, and schools closed. No hope for young people and so UPAM was created on April 6th, 2020, to build a new Africa for Africans, giving hope to the people of African descent, encouraging, and strengthening bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diasporas people of African descent.

UPAM is guided by the African Union’s vision of “an integrated, prosperous, and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in the global arena.

First Executive:

Global Chairman:Nelson Mansare Residing in Finland
Global Vice Chairman: Blessed Mukonka Residing in Zambia
Global Secretary General: Emmanuel Kpan Residing in Liberia


To strengthen bonds of solidarity between all people of African descent, fostering unity and development in Africa; for enhanced independence, industrialization, economic self- reliance as well as promote peace, security and stability within African communities and states.

Global Executive.

Dr Priscilia Tsongwain
Iweobi Prisca Ogonna
Stephen Chisati
Hon. Akpur Emmanuel Terfa
Magdaline Gesare Magangi
Marshall Unduemi Josiah
Alexis Bosire Mayaka
Fatmata Koroma
Isaac Adonkie
Itodo D. Eneojo
Irakiza Bella
Mamadou Obama Bah
Asaph Ataho Nyenyezi
Uwezo Simon Lusaka
Pius Ntinya
Afuh Cham
Nghipudilo Ya Shiindi
Dinatu Emmanuel Ishaku
Nhongo Solo
Muthoni Mwangi
Mande Kupo Questy
Victor Otieno
Zang Luka
Masiye Mazaza
Amb Dr Francis Chishala
Khamis Cosmas
Augustine John Nyakatoma

National Representative.

Wafaa Talha
Dr Luhere Gerald
Fostino Kaswada
Bothata Kennedy Silase
Aisha Abate
Muhammed Sallieu CAMARA
Clement A. McDonald
Alhaji A.M.Kamara.