People Of African Descent Converge In Ethiopia

There is a great awakening going on across the globe, in the heart of people of African descent – from America, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe- responding to the clarion call to join our brothers, sisters, leaders, and all friends of Africa at this epoch-making event from February 27th to March 4th, 2023, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It is a call for unity and peace-building for a sustainable economic development and a melting pot event, where investors, businesses, organizations, governments, institutions of learning, Celebrities in Music, Fashion, Movies and sports, individuals and the media meet to collaborate, explore, and expand the possibilities of prosperity across borders.

The international conference provides a rare opportunity for us as people of African descent to pick up all the pieces left of us put them together and hold us again. Let no one is left behind, we are the people of African descent. We aim to achieve a brand-new Africa by the end of this event we are creating long-lasting relationships, partnerships, and collaborations that will bring sustainable development, showcase our cultures and traditions, to celebrate Aduwa with our Ethiopian Brothers and sisters and to implement an integrated Africa communities across the globe.

Ethiopia was selected to organize the conference because of its experience in hosting international conference, peace and security as well as the availability of hotels that accommodate many participants, among others. Ethiopia has recently become the preferred destination of international conferences. To mention some of the main ones:

As a Pan African movement;
Ethiopia is the only African country that was never colonized, they fought and defeated the Italian colonial forces twice.
Ethiopia also hosted the AU Summit in January as usual.
The World Economic Forum for Africa attracted a host of international businesspersons and politicians including the Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, together with the president of Walmart, Doug McMillon.
It is the country of pioneers in initiating the African movement from its inception so recognizing their legacy as a country give it more historical perspective as they played a key role in Pan Africanism and to be a strong pilar for Africa.
In 2015, World leaders gathered in Addis Ababa from July 13-16 at the third edition of the International Conference on Financing for Development. The conference participants’ list included United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon, World Bank Group President Mr. Jim Yong Kim, and Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Ms. Christine Lagarde, over 50 heads of state and government, 100 ministers and 1,000 high level business representatives
The event is planned around the day of victory on the battle of Adwa. Its marks the first black victory against the invading colonial forces of Italy in the African continent, so it gives it special feelings to the country, the continent and participants.